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Best friends Help For All

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 We are not professionals. There are no fees its free for all. All we want is to help and support others. All information shared with us is confidential.
Our home is what we make of it with our action and responsibilities, lets make the best of it by helping us to help you and others.
This picture is very important because the 4 outside spikes represents my two brothers and my sister, the inside represents my three best friends and the middle my mom. Thats why I chose to use this picture as an example of friendship and support that we all deserve just as you and everyone else. We hope that you feel this way about your friends and family, even if it's not your real family we all deserve a chance.


Everybody wonders why I have desided to make this web-page!! My reason for this is that I want to support others when there is none to turn to. We all want some to talk to but there never seems to be the right person when you need them and we know this because thats how we started. We hope that you are able to make friends in the chat and with us as well.
You can choose whom you would like to speak with. All information is confidential. when you E-amail us, place the name of the person you want to talk to in the place of subject and that person is the one that is going to talk to you. Remember that issues will be discussde between us so that we can come up with the best solution (Please use nickname's instead of of your real name - names of people will not be mention to keep confidentiality) 
Alex, Eunice, Tamara, or Me Danny your host!!!!

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This site is for everyone. If you know of someone that needs advice please give them this website to contact us. We will try  to help the best that we can. Please visit are chat room!! We hope to talk to you soon!!
By pressing on the sing you will be able enter our chat room. There you will meet other people in similar situations.
We will be posting some of your stories as examples as well as some of our own stories so that we can help others that are going through the same issuse as you  and so that you can see that we go through similar things wether you realize it or not. After all we are still young just like most of you. Tamarra is 20 years old, Alex is 19 years old, Eunice is 19 as well and I Danny I'm 20. We hope that by you knowing are ages you would feel more comfortable. 
Serching for A places to vissit or a place to spend your   vacation nights at!!! Well here is one of the best place to serch for a place of your choice. The Pioneer Valley of Western Massachussets Is very happy to provide any assisstance that you may need.


  If you dont want to you can use our privet E-mal in the bottom. Only I Danny and my best friends are going to know about your issues they are my support and yours to. I hope that you would alow us to help you as best as we can. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank You!! And we hope that our advice helps you - your family and your friends as well.

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